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2021 Patio Trends

Posted on 20th September 2021

There is still time to think about how you might like to style your patio this year. The options are endless, depending on how much garden space you have, the sort of look you would like to achieve, and the budget you have in mind.

Our catalogue of high-quality porcelain paving products is a great starting point when it comes to redesigning your garden or patio area. Porcelain paving comes in a range of styles and colours and is affordable, low maintenance, and provides an entirely unique look that looks good all year round. It is also highly durable as well as weather, slip, fade, and frost-resistant.

If you wish to open up your patio space and make it appear brighter, we recommend our popular white or Kandla grey porcelain paving. This amazing product is a direct copy of the natural stone sandstone of the same name and has a textured riven finish to make it look and feel like the natural stone option. It really is a perfect choice for any patio or garden landscaping project.

Once your patio has been revamped with great-looking paving, the next step is to think about how you would like to utilise the space you have. Here are 2021’s summer patio trends to give you some inspiration on how to transform your space.

Products that extend the outdoor living season

With these outdoor additions, you can continue to relax outside and entertain beyond the summer months to enjoy drinks with friends, garden parties, movie nights, and more.

Firepits make for a fantastic feature and are an excellent investment to make your patio space more livable in colder temperatures. Heavy-duty blankets and rugs serve two purposes; they enhance the overall aesthetic look of your garden and help make it feel cosier.

You could also add some cover to your patio to help counteract the change in weather. Perhaps think about a simple umbrella solution, create a structured pergola, or install a windbreak sunshade.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting goes hand in hand with the livability of your patio space for year-round use. Choosing perfect outdoor lighting solutions opens new doors for living and entertaining.

Whether you want to spotlight your favourite flowers, create a stand-alone feature, or design an atmospheric area for hosting dinner parties; outdoor lighting is important because it draws attention to the focal points of your garden.

We recommend using lower-watt bulbs for your outdoor lighting to ensure that the light projections come out golden instead of white.

Atmospheric kitchen/dining area

The last 18 months have meant that many of us have had to spend more time outdoors seeing friends and family than we ever thought possible. However, it has made some of us realise that eating and drinking outside is a concept perhaps we took for granted.

Creating an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area is a good idea if you are frequently entertaining or are simply a household that enjoys eating al fresco. These days, outdoor eating areas have been kicked up a notch, and almost every amenity and appliance you use indoors can be transferred for outdoor use.

Multi-purpose furniture

Furniture designed to accommodate everyday living and extra guests at short notice is a helpful and practical addition to your living space.

There are furniture options that feature concealed slide-out compartments to help store items like magazines and books. Other alternatives include table designs that come apart and double as seating solutions or contain hidden beverage compartments.

View our full range here for a wide variety of natural stone paving products to completely transform your patio space. Not sure what you are looking for? Talk to one of our experienced stone professionals about the specific needs for your patio today.

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