Who are Stone & Surfaces Direct?

Stone & Surfaces Direct is the e-commerce platform that enables partner quarry and factory operations to sell direct rather than via third-party dealers or distributors.

I want more information on the products I want to buy?

Every product listed on the web site has information on the products specification, but if there are other specific questions you may have please contact our customer service team on 0330 1280776, where your call will be received between 8am and 10pm.

Can you advise on how much I should order?

We have included a calculator for each category to help you understand the approximate quantity of material you will need for the specific area. This will likely be different for each product category.

The paving and interior tile calculation allows for a small grout joint. When using natural products, it is advisable to allow extra for the rejection of any tiles with shade or pattern markings that you may not wish to use, as well as for cutting. It is normally recommend that you allow an additional 10% .

It is also helpful to keep a few spares for any replacements or damage that could incur at a later date. Unfortunately, we cannot accept the return of excess material.

What refund do I get if the goods are no longer required after delivery?

If you wish to return the product you ordered, don't hesitate to contact us. We will let you know your options. The customer is responsible for the delivery cost in returning the goods, including restocking and administration costs.

The good must be returned in the same condition and packaging as delivered. It must be returned within 14 days.

We advise that a sample of the product you intend to purchase is obtained before supply to ensure the product you receive complies with your expectations.

What happens if I under order?

We can supply you with the extra products you need, but please note there could be an additional charge for the delivery, as materials are sold by pack quantities. Refer to the website for details.

We recommend you always allow up to 10% extra for cutting and potential specific tile rejects.

What happens if I discover after ordering my products that it is out of stock?

We will call to make you aware of any issue that may occur with your order. You will be able to have a full refund, wait for a stock replacement or consider an alternative that we would be happy to discuss with you.

Will the floor/wall tiles, paving slabs and veneer sheets I order be the same as my sample?

All natural stone products will vary in shade/ markings dependent upon the colour or finish that is applied to the surface. As a consequence, any sample supplied is intended as a guide only and cannot be representative of every potential colour tone or shade, and variations in the materials texture. In addition, if you order a finish different to the sample supplied it is likely that the extra process applied to the surface will mean the material will vary in the colours intensity unless a sealer is applied.

Can you guarantee the colour?

All of our natural stone products are 100% natural unless otherwise specified, and as a result we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

Flooring and wall tiles, paving slabs, and veneer sheets will likely vary slightly in tone and colour. This adds to the uniqueness, beauty and character of the natural stone products. We therefore recommend that you dry lay the products you purchase first so that you can mix and blend the tiles/ sheets before installation.

Can your flooring tiles be used on walls?

Most of the flooring tiles we offer can be used on internal walls, but we recommend that you seek advice from a professional installer, who can assess the construction prior to installation, taking into account the structure of the wall and surface, and the height to which the tiling will be laid. Please note that for areas over 2.5m in height mechanical fixing may be necessary.

Do your floor, wall tiles or natural stone veneer sheets need sealing?

Applying a sealant will help to protect your natural stone product from the staining that could otherwise occur from oil, grease or alcohol. The application of a sealer will thus add a protective layer to your stone and help you to keep the product clean with regular maintenance. We offer a range of sealants that can be applied to all the materials sold, but if unsure we recommend you make contact with your specific question.

It should be noted that sealants will normally slightly change the colour of the material. We offer water and solvent based sealants, and they offer different degrees of enhancement to the tiles colour. We recommend that a sample is applied to spare tiles to be sure you are happy with the slight colour change.

Do my external paving tiles need to be sealed?

All the stone sold for use in paving is suitable for external applications, and some clients do prefer their material to weather naturally. However, a high-quality sealing will provide an extra layer of protection against potential staining from alcohol, oil, and grease, and the effects of moss, lichens and dirt, particularly in north facing applications. In addition, the porosity of most sandstones means that lighter materials will more benefit from regular care and maintenance, which is helped with the benefit of good quality sealers or impregnator applications.

How can do I clean my floor/wall tiles/veneer sheet and paving slabs?

Regular gentle cleaning, sweeping and mopping will ensure that your stone tiles and paving slabs are easy to maintain. We do not recommend that aggressive high-pressure power washes are used on paving as this can damage the surface of your material and increase the intensity of normal dirt or algae staining to the surface area of your stone product. We also offer a range of intensive cleaning products to help in your care and maintenance program.

How hard wearing is natural stone?

Natural stone has been used on buildings all over the world for many years, and is a great investment that can last a lifetime as long as it is properly looked after and is installed correctly

Is natural stone suitable for my kitchen?

Natural stone generally is a great covering for all internal applications, although sealing is recommended particularly for some of the lighter coloured and more porous materials. There is a range of products available on the site to help provide a solution.

Can your stone tiles be used both for interior and exterior applications?

Our website will indicate which products are best suited for use either internally or externally, but many of the materials are suitable for both applications. Generally, when looking for a more authentic traditional style the tumbled or antique finish is recommended, as the manufacturing process reduces the surface unevenness that is normal with standard riven finish product [ particularly the antique finish which has a 3-pass process system]. These finishes will result in smoother edges and a more even surface for the legs of furniture.

Product quality and product performance.

All products should have a certificate of performance or CE mark to ensure the products is fit for purpose. At Stone & Surface Direct we offer you products direct from the factory of origin and each have specific testing criteria and documentation for performance and testing requirements.

You should be aware of many products sold in the Uk from India are from unregulated sources with no test or control criteria that can result in long term performance issues with the natural stone products chosen.

What way should I install my stone?

The majority of the products we offer are calibrated which means you will see the saw marks on the underside of the tile, but for riven faced natural stone the that is uncalibrated the side with the shortest length and width edges will be the base of the product.

How will my order be delivered?

All orders will come packed onto a pallet. When placing your order you are accepting our delivery conditions, and you are confirming that the delivery address meets our third party haulier conditions, which are:

  • The order will be delivered to the closest and safest accessible point to the property, in most cases this is a kerbside delivery.
  • Deliveries are made using a tail-lift offload and are lowered to the ground.
  • There is a manual pump truck on board the delivery vehicle and at the driver’s discretion this may be utilised on flat, hard standing ground.
  • The driver is unable to handle the goods or enter a customer’s property, so someone responsible must be available at the property upon delivery. In the event that no one is present, an additional charge may be levied if the ordered product is returned for reissue.
  • The ground and road need to be flat, level and solid tarmac or concrete to use this system. We cannot deliver onto sloping ground, as the tail lift must be able to lay flat on the ground. If you have any doubts, please contact us for further details. If this is not possible by your property, you need to find a suitable area for the materials receipt, or the goods will need to be returned and any costs associated with the failed delivery will be still be incurred.
  • Broken concrete, gravel or sloping ground is unsuitable and pallets may be left on the roadside only if it's safe to do so.
  • The road must be wide enough for a lorry to fit down, usually wider and larger than a dustbin lorry. If your access is restricted, please contact us.
  • Please make sure that there are no overhead obstructions, such as overhanging trees or cables. Also please inform us of any height restrictions on the delivery route as this could prevent delivery.
  • We do not deliver by crane or hiab.
  • Our couriers’ delivery will be between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
How long does a delivery take?

All deliveries are normally made within 3-5working days, for orders placed before 12pm Monday – Friday.

The delivery team will contact you on the day of delivery to notify you of an expect time of arrival. No deliveries are made at weekends or on bank holidays.

Advice on product usage and installation

Please refer to the expert guides on the web site.

Will somebody need to be present to receive the delivery?

All deliveries must be signed for so you must ensure that you or a representative is available to receive the delivery and to help resolve any issues that our driver may encounter during the process of delivering to your property.

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