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5 Simple Ways To Maintain A Gravel Garden

Posted on 28th October 2022

Gravel gardens make for a fantastic outdoor space and are also easy to maintain if you aren’t an avid gardener. However, despite being low maintenance there are still a few things to consider to maintain the general look of your garden.

Having a gravel garden means you can say goodbye to the lawn mower and only water plants that are potted or planted amongst a garden border. It’s that simple!

Though a gravel garden is fairly simple to upkeep, it is still important to know what to do in order to keep your garden looking pristine.

Control the weeds

Weed membrane is a great option to prevent weeds becoming a problem. It is a permeable material that is used in a gravel garden to prevent weeds growing up through slate chippings. It will also protect your gravel from the soil beneath and help to keep it cleaner for longer.

It can easily be laid on the ground beneath the gravel and is an effective and easy option for weed defence once laid. You will not need to change it and it will not require topping up.

Alternatively, if weed membrane is not an option for you, try using weed killer for any weeds or grass that grows within the gravel garden.

Choose hard wearing gravel

Choosing the right type of gravel is key to having an easy to maintain gravel garden. At Stone & Surfaces Direct we have some of the best options to create a low maintenance gravel garden, check out our products here.

We recommend using chippings sized at 20mm to avoid the stone getting stuck in shoe treads and ending up around your garden or in the house. This size also provides a more comfortable walking surfaces compared to larger rocks.

Rake the gravel

To ensure your gravel garden always looks sharp, rake the gravel into rows using a garden rake. This helps prevent bald spots from occurring and is extremely effective for giving your gravel garden a clean-cut look.

Keep things clean with a leaf blower

During the autumn season, it is nearly impossible to stop leaves appearing on your gravel. However it is important to remove leaves quickly because they can cause discoloration, especially to lighter coloured gravel.

Picking up leaves by hand can be a tedious and slow way of removing them, therefore we recommend investing in a leaf blower for the job. A leaf blower is quick and effective and will clear away any leaves or debris that may have found their way into your garden.

However, we advise using a leaf blower on a low setting to avoid blowing away the gravel.

Water plants regularly

It is important to water your plants on a regular basis. The best types of plants to have in your gravel gardens are herbs, perennials and ornamental grasses. Not only do these look amazing but they have the most success growing a gravel environment.

Keeping plants watered and alive also helps prevent any unsightly debris forming on the gravel. However if you do end up with mud and debris, hosing it down and lightly scrubbing with a hard bristle brush will clean them up in no time.

If you do end up with mud and debris on your gravel, a quick hose down and a light scrub with a hard bristled brush should clean them up in no time.

You can also keep plants in pots as another way to enjoy plant life in your gravel garden. Choose pots that seamlessly blend with the colour tones or your gravel or choose pots to provide an attractive contrast.

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