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5 Steps For Choosing Garden Paving

Posted on 22nd July 2022

When it comes to deciding which paving is perfect for your garden renovation project, it is not a decision to make lightly. It is important to do your research to ensure that the paving you do choose looks good for many years to come.

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we have a huge range of natural stone and porcelain paving options and over 25 years of experience, which is why we have put together this handy five-step guide to help you make the right choice on your paving.

Decide the purpose of your garden project

Whether you are re-laying the patio you already have, adding a garden path, or renovating your driveway; knowing exactly what you’re doing and why is a good starting point.

You may also want to consider how this change will affect or tie in with the rest of your garden.

If you are starting fresh, you will have a much broader choice of what paving will look the part in your outdoor space. However, if you are adding to your existing garden you will need to make sure it is well coordinated with your original design.

Determine the style of your home

If you have an ultra-contemporary property, rustic cobbles might not be the best choice to compliment your home. As another example, sleek-looking slate paving might not pair particularly well with red brick walls.

Therefore it is important to take into consideration the overall appearance of your garden before rushing into a decision. If you are short of ideas, check out our inspiration section and latest blog posts.

A new patio or driveway can be a big investment for many people, so it’s worth trying out a few different options before making a final choice. We offer free samples on all of our products to help you get a feel for what might be the perfect match for your garden.

Set a budget

This is an especially important part of the decision making process. Similar to most home improvement projects, using cheap products can sometimes lead to further costs at a later date.

Garden paving is exposed to the everyday harshness that the outdoors brings, which means that you will want to ensure a high quality, durable product is chosen.

At Stone & Surfaces Direct we believe that gardens are an investment. We focus on delivering quality products to help you design the garden of your dreams.

Discover our patio ranges

We have a wide range of paving to suit any taste or budget. Check out our stunning collection of natural stone patio slabs that are bursting with character and appeal. Take your garden to the next level with materials that have been featured in buildings across the world for years.

Alternatively, porcelain paving is still a fairly new product to the paving market but is taking over. Porcelain looks like natural stone paving but actually it isn’t, it just replicates it perfectly.

Manufactured from clays, sands, and minerals and pressed in a high-temperature kiln, porcelain boasts a wide range of structural advantages that make it popular for exterior applications.

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With over 25 years of experience distributing natural stone paving, porcelain paving, aggregates, rockeries and interior solutions worldwide; Stone & Surfaces Direct are the people to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior.

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