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5 Ways To Use Veneer Walling

Posted on 11th October 2022

Veneer wall cladding is starting to gather pace as a top-tier trend. It has the potential to transform any area of the home and can be styled to accommodate a variety of tastes.

Let’s explore what can be achieved with veneer walling to inspire your next home improvement project.

Veneer walling can prove to be an excellent alternative to traditional wall coverings such as wallpaper and paint. It adds a sense of charm and has the ability to hide imperfections and features you might not find attractive to the aesthetic of your home.

Unlike with paint and wallpaper, there is no need to ensure a smooth surface before installing the veneer walling. This wall cover solution also has the added benefits of insulating and soundproofing to help your space feel warm, cosy and peaceful.

From home interiors to commercial areas, veneer walling has all the abilities to enhance and improve. So, let’s take a look at the best ways to use it!

Design an inviting home entrance

Entrance hallways are the very first features that create a warm welcome for you and your guests. With veneer it is possible to create an instant wow-factor, whilst protecting your walls against the wear and tear common in such high-traffic areas.

At Stone & Surfaces Direct we offer veneer walling in a huge choice of finishes and colours to create many beautiful effects. Therefore there are virtually no limitations, wherever your imagination takes you.

Conceal plumbing

It is possible to hide bathroom or kitchen pipework behind wall tiles but the look of veneer walling simply cannot be beaten when it comes to aesthetic appeal.

Why not create a stunning feature wall behind the sink or toilet and conceal unsightly plumbing all at the same? Ensure you choose a colour and effect that reflects your personal taste and complements the existing decor.

Make a feature wall

Beyond extravagant wallpaper, there are many other ways to create a feature wall.

Veneer wall cladding is the perfect way to design a shelving feature wall or perhaps a dedicated TV wall. Due to the flexibility of our veneer options, it can also be wrapped around a chimney breast and any wall corners in the home.

Mimic period interior

Veneer walling is the ideal solution when it comes to creating a period interior. Adding features such as original skirting and dado railing is still possible with this type of installation.

Create distinctive zones

If your property has an open plan setting you can create distinctive zones with veneer wall cladding so that each area of your space has its own identifiable purpose.

As well as a difference in flooring, walls that are freestanding can be used to create a zoned out feel. This is one of the best uses of veneer wall cladding and is the best way to create a seamless feel between two functioning spaces.

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