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Create A Dog Friendly Garden

Posted on 19th August 2022

Dogs are man's best friend but they’re not always a gardener’s best friend. Their playful ways and heightened excitement can result in plants being pulled out, grass becoming discoloured, and lots of holes being dug to hide their favourite treats.

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we have the garden landscaping products and materials to help you create the dream garden for both you and your dog. With some simple design ideas, we can help take the frustration out of tirelessly trying to maintain your garden.

Paths and hard surfaces

When designing a dog-friendly garden, we recommend avoiding grass unless you are prepared for the tireless maintenance that comes with it. This is because, unfortunately, each time your dog uses the grass as a toilet it suffers.

Instead, landscape your garden with paving and other hard surfaces to make it practical and durable. Not only is this a low maintenance solution, it also provides an area for your dog to play without destroying anything.

It also provides a suitable surface for cleaning when necessary, for example hosing down any accidents they may have.

We don’t recommend the use of gravel when dogs are around because often it is easy to dig through and can result in accidental swallowing because pieces are so small. Instead, our wide range of decorative slate chippings are a practical and aesthetically pleasing idea.

Dog friendly plants and flowers

Some plants and flowers are poisonous to dogs, which is especially dangerous if you have a curious puppy on the loose. If you do have any plants that are toxic to dogs, screen them off if you are worried about sniffing snouts getting close to them.

However, there are many plants and flowers that are safe for dogs such as basil, lavender, hebes, thyme, sage, and more.

Create a wall or a fence

When dogs are young, they want to be off exploring all the time. That’s why creating a safe and secure fence or wall around your garden is essential.

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we offer a great range of natural stone walling products to help design a safe space for your pet. Our Lakeland walling, as featured on ITV 1’s ‘Love Your Garden’, is a sturdy and characterful choice, emanating a similar look seen in the Lake District.

Prevent grass turning yellow

When your dog turns the lawn yellow it’s because their urine can cause scorch or burn marks on the grass when they go to the toilet. This is why having good quality lawn with a dog can be difficult and the reason we recommend pavin as an alternative.

The only fully natural method to fully prevent this is to follow your dog around watering the spots as they go. Alternatively, you could train your dog to go to the toilet in a specific area of the garden to avoid this issue.

With over 25 years of experience distributing natural stone paving, porcelain paving, aggregates, rockeries and interior solutions worldwide; Stone & Surfaces Direct are the people to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior.

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