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Create A Wildlife Friendly Garden

Posted on 15th July 2022

You may be astounded by the amount of wildlife on your doorstep. Over the years, this wildlife is being lost due to certain garden landscaping design choices but there are small changes you can make in your outdoor space to make it a haven for wildlife.

Making your garden wildlife friendly doesn’t mean you have to completely turn it into a wildlife jungle with overgrown plants and grass. Every type of garden can give home to nature, whether it be a large, busy family garden or small yard-like space.

There are plenty of things you can do to help the animals we share a space with. Here are 5 easy ways to make changes in your garden to keep birds, insects, and animals thriving.

Create a pond

To build a pond that helps boost wildlife, avoid locating it in full sun exposure or shade. A pond doesn’t have to be huge to be a feature of any garden and can be more easily designed than you might think.

If you wish to design a big pond, we have a range of beautiful slate rockery and paddlestones that are perfect for creating pond structures. Make sure there are stones or branches to help the wildlife get in and out and water lilies will help prevent it becoming stagnant.

Grow flowers

Not only do flowers look beautiful and provide colour and a pretty scent to your garden, they also provide food for many insects. Try and grow as many varieties as possible to ensure varied colour from spring through to the autumn season.

Our fantastic selection of natural slate chippings are ideal for adding to planters and topping pots. They help to retain moisture in soil, which means you won’t need to water them as often!

Leave a gap in your fence

By leaving a gap in your fence, you are inviting the likes of hedgehogs and frogs to move freely from your garden to the next.

Build an insect habitat

Try leaving piles of twigs, rocks, and rotting wood in your garden because this will create shelter for various important insects, such as beetles and spiders.

Bird box feeding

Birds are an essential part of any garden’s ecosystem and by creating bird boxes and putting out food will help them thrive. Ensure a bird box is up high in a sheltered area and provide protein-rich food in spring and seeds in the winter months.

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