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Create Urban Spaces With Veneer On A Roll

Posted on 30th November 2021

Have you been thinking about creating an urban space for your home using veneer? If you don’t like the expensive price tag that comes with it then take a look at our wide range of veneer on a roll and sheeting as a cost-effective and easy to install alternative.

Available in a variety of colours and effects, our veneer is available on a roll or by the sheet. It is manufactured in the UK and handmade to create its own unique shading and is composed of recycled stone and metals to mimic the real colours and textures of genuine stone, wood, and metal veneer.

With our veneer, enjoy the natural beauty of genuine stones, metals, and wood with the benefit of being lightweight. It is extremely versatile, suitable for virtually any indoor or outdoor application, and is simple to install due to its flexible composition.

Due to its ease of installation, this makes veneer on a roll and sheeting a must for any DIY beginner or anyone who wants to make home improvements without the fuss.

It is also inexpensive to install and as a result will last for many years because of its high quality and durability. Each flexible veneer sheet is roughly 2mm, which means that the walls you are applying it to won’t appear thick and clunky and once the veneer has been sealed, it is also waterproof, which makes it perfect for bathroom and kitchen installations.

This versatile product also works great for applications on furniture because it is bendable to 90 degrees. Suitable applications include dining tables, at-home bars, and lampshades.

You can rest assured that it is also environmentally friendly and delivered directly from the source of manufacturing, meaning the carbon footprint is considerably reduced.

When it comes to creating urban spaces for your home, we recommend our popular Smooth Grey Concrete On A Roll. With a composition of 96% stone, this veneer works particularly well in bathrooms and living areas because of its moody, atmospheric feel.

Alternatively, our Smooth Rust Metal Effect Veneer On A Roll creates a worn, industrial appearance that is growing ever-popular in an attempt to replicate old-style apartments.

With over 25 years of experience distributing natural stone paving, porcelain paving, aggregates, and interior solutions worldwide; we are the people to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior. Talk to one of our experienced stone professionals about your specific needs today.

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