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How To Build A Gabion Wall

Posted on 30th August 2022

Gabion walls provide fantastic results for your garden and a durable, long lasting garden landscaping solution. They are a great way to construct retaining walls, garden beds, rock wall features, seat and many other landscape features.

When you know what to do, building a gabion wall can be relatively straightforward. At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we have put together a handy five-step tutorial on how to start your first gabion wall project.

What are gabions?

Gabions are wire mesh containers filled with rock to create gravity walls. The weight of the filling provides the strength required to withstand pressures from earth retention.

They are extremely reliable and a cost effective garden method for projects, large or small. Check out our options for gabion walling here.

What are the advantages of gabions?

With gabion walling, no maintenance is required and it has an extremely long lifespan. It is also easy to construct and has considerable architectural appeal for a garden.

The structure allows for free drainage too, which means water can pass through rather than building up behind it.

Preparing the base level

Start by using a compact sub-base that is suitable for building gabion walls, whether the structure is retaining, gabion fences or other gabion features.


Next, assemble the gabion cages and ensure the bracing wire is installed correctly, following a string line for accurate direction. This will guarantee that the walls are perfectly straight and look flawless once the project is complete.

Link each gabion together to create one individual structure.

Which gabion rock to use

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we offer gabion walling packs that include slate paddle stones. All slate is typically 90-175mm in length to enable each piece to fit flat into the basket.

The slate is from the southern Lake District fells and has a weathered mid to dark blue appearance when wet and a pale blue appearance when dry with some natural brown shades.

The slate paddle stones are hand-picked and vary in length, depth and width but are selected to be relatively flat to be laid by novice gardeners and landscapers. This slate is perfect for building gabion walls!

Don’t rush the process

Gabion walls are simple to assemble and set up but we advise taking your time while filling the gabions with slate. Check the facing panels regularly to make sure they are straight and even and pack the stone tightly to ensure no gaps.

Use a sweeping sequence to pack the cages from one to the next. This process will keep the gabions even and the end panels in line.

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