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How To Create A Sustainable Garden

Posted on 4th November 2022

In 2022 and as we start heading into 2023, having a sustainable garden is becoming increasingly important. This is because what we do impacts air quality, wildlife survival and other environmental issues.

As well as this, a sustainable garden is usually cheaper to create and maintain so it really is worth considering at this point in time when things are a little difficult.

There are many ways to create a sustainable garden without breaking the bank, so here is the Stone & Surfaces checklist to do so.

Sustainable garden furniture

Instead of buying new, consider upcycling your existing garden furniture and other accessories to create something new and unique. You’ll be surprised how much you can do with stuff you already have to design an entirely new piece.

Alternatively, buy second hand furniture to transform your garden. After all, why buy new when someone might be selling something that’s perfect for your aesthetic at half the price? Try eBay as well as local junk shops and charities.

Plant a tree

You might be surprised that even the smallest gardens can look better with a tree. However, it is important to know how high it will likely grow and be prepared to have it pruned into shape when needed.

When you plant a tree, ensure that the trunk is above the soil. The part where the tree root meets the trunk should be level with the soil or slightly above.

Just in case you didn’t know, a tree planted in front of a house can provide up to 25% more insulation when in leaf.

Sustainable garden paving

At Stone & Surfaces Direct we have an amazing selection of natural limestone paving. When you choose natural stone you are actively preserving and improving the natural environment.

Our industry is conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimising waste. Plus, we only buy directly from carefully sourced quarries that are monitored.

Check out our range of sustainable natural stone paving options here.

Use biodegradable wooden plant labels

Use biodegradable wooden plant labels instead of plastic ones. Not only are they better for the environment, they are also easier to write on.

Keep adding mulch

When it comes to the garden, almost everything seems to come back to mulching. Add a layer of compost or chippings to your borders to help prevent water evaporation.

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