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How To Enjoy Your Garden at Night

Posted on 2nd December 2022

Getting the most out of your garden is essential, especially if you have invested time and effort into making it look beautiful. Even when the darker nights become present, there are still many ways to enjoy the ambience of your garden.

By adding a mix of safe and stylish additions, you can extend the lifespan of your garden and make it an appealing space for you and your guests when the sun starts to set.

Here are some ways to enhance your garden to enjoy it when evening arrives.

Add a safe pathway

If you intend to use your garden at night, it’s important to be able to navigate it safely. Therefore, a sturdy pathway that is clear and well-lit is essential.

At Stone & Surfaces Direct we have a wide range of natural stone paving and porcelain paving options that are perfect for creating a safe, clear pathway for your garden.

Our options for porcelain will work particularly well due to their R11 anti-slip finish. This is also a good option because porcelain is easy to maintain and keep clean of dirt and debris to avoid accidents occurring in the dark.

Make white elements a focal point

When it comes to garden design, white is a striking colour that looks sunny and dazzling during the day but then transforms at night to give a shiny appearance.

Incorporate white plants, pots and large raised beds into the aesthetic of your garden for some added day-to-night appeal.

Don’t neglect your furniture

Garden furniture isn’t just an investment for the daytime. If you have a cosy egg chair or comfy, slouch outdoor sofa be sure to lay out and enjoy it under the stars.

Invest in quality lighting

It goes without saying that if you want to enjoy your night at night it’s worth actually being able to see it! Quality lighting is key and we recommend solar illumination for the job.

Solar illumination won’t cost you anything and will gently flicker on as soon as dusk starts to fall. You will notice the atmosphere of your garden instantly change and become more relaxed.

Host a dinner party with guests

One of the best ways to enjoy your garden at night is to plan a few patio dinner parties. Socialise, practise your culinary skills and show off your beautiful garden credentials.

Don’t forget to bring out some moody candles and your best crockery and cutlery too.

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