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How To Maintain Decorative Garden Stones

Posted on 9th December 2022

Versatile and easy to use in any outdoor space, decorative garden stones help create beautiful, low maintenance features for landscaping, pathways, gravel patios, and water features.

Whether you choose to use decorative chippings, gravel or pebbles the process of cleaning and maintaining garden stones is a simple one. Quite simply, an occasional wash and some basic care will ensure your decorative garden feature looks amazing year-round.

How to clean dirt & algae

Depending on the colour of gravel you have and the location within your garden, it may require more regular cleaning than others.

Footpaths are more likely to see dirt due to heavy foot traffic and gravel that is less exposed to sunlight or used near water features will begin to develop surface algae much faster. During dry periods with no rainfall, garden stones may discolour from dust and dirt.

However, you don’t need to worry because dirt, algae and dust can all be easily washed away from any colour of gravel with a high pressure garden hose. Use a low setting and rinse off the decorative garden stones and because gravel is porous it will be absorbed into the ground beneath.

How to remove weeds

From time to time, it is unavoidable to spot weeds making their way through the surface of decorative stones. If this does occur, there are many techniques to quickly and effectively remove them.

Weed killers containing glyphosate are highly effective at getting rid of weeds and are suited for use on gravel and decorative stone surfaces. Alternatively, scattering salt is a more affordable and natural option to help dehydrate the weed.

The easiest solution is remove weeds by hand but this is the most time consuming and physically demanding. If removing weeds, ensure that you remove the roots to prevent them growing back.

Removing leaves and debris

It is important to regularly remove leaves and debris from decorative garden stones because the decomposition of leaves may lead to the discolouration of gravel over time. Areas that are close to trees are more likely to require regular maintenance, particularly during autumn.

To maintain your gravel simply pick up any loose leaves and twigs, or take a garden rake or leaf blower to the job to make it a bit easier. Remember to put your leaf blower on a low setting to avoid smaller, lighter gravel blowing away.

How to clean large garden stones

Large landscaping rocks and feature stones may require some occasional maintenance to ensure the colour of the natural stone remains beautiful throughout the year.

However, much like gravel and pebbles they are simple to keep clean and maintain. Brush the surface of the stone with a scrubbing brush using a mixture of water and washing up liquid and ensure you rinse off with a hose once the entire surface has been cleaned.

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