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Inspiration and Design Ideas From Stone & Surfaces Direct Projects

Posted on 7th May 2021

The garden and patio areas really are an important extension to your home and an investment that can add value to your property. Stone & Surfaces Direct explores the inspiration behind some of the projects where the material has been supplied, and the key features clients wanted when planning the project.

Make the patio an extension of your indoor space

The use of bi-folding doors enables the external deck area or patio to become a seamless transition from the kitchen-diner and increases space creating an adjoining alfresco area, and a change in the focus and views across the garden. Products used ideally want to complement the décor chosen for interior floors and surfaces. In our project focus, the timber decking creates a platform for the garden and landscape views across Morecambe Bay to be enjoyed and creates a contrast with a natural stone tile floor.

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Create different solutions to zone a garden

The garden and patio space are more interesting if space allows a multi-zoned garden design with different materials used that will give the space a clear distinction between its dedicated areas. Our feature project has different types of natural stone paving and decorative slate aggregate that form transitions from the deck area to a patio that serves as a dining and entertainment zone and a transition point to the garden lawn. In addition, a third quadrant creates a focal point for a large tree and sunken hot tub.

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Introduce key planting areas

When creating different garden zones, planting is an important feature that can help define the boundaries and structure to the design, as well as being a decorative feature. In our project ever green Buxus create a sculpted, contemporary feel to form a boundary around the feature olive tree. In addition, paving is complemented with perimeter planting of grasses and lavender to bring colour, scent and additional interest to the paving areas, as well as creating a barrier around the tops of walls.

Strategically positioned pots allow sculptural planting such as bay trees to be used to act as ornamental decorative features that also help to break up the hard surfaces and add depth to the overall feel of the planting arrangement. A cluster of well-positioned potted plants surrounding a seating area is also a great way to make the experience of sitting outdoors feel more immersive.

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Create a focal point in the garden

No matter how big or small your patio, it’s always good to create a focal point to give the space a sense of purpose. Fire pits seem to be the must-have in gardens right now to create focal points, but in our project, a majestic olive tree is the primary key focal point that provides all your round green foliage. The tree can also be used to bring a new dimension to the garden space at night with decorative lighting that creates a whole new ambience to space and the alfresco experience.

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Bring the garden alive at night

You can dial up your garden’s ambient atmosphere after dark by lighting key planting features with spotlights. Our feature garden uses small spotlights and pillar lights around planting and walkways to light up these features. Carefully positioned wall lights allow sitting areas to be lit for dining and entertainment, and some parasol accessories now have solar attachments to add extra light to the sitting area.

Lanterns with candles are also an easy way to mix the atmospheric mood and illuminate garden spaces.

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