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Porcelain Paving For Your Home

Posted on 4th October 2022

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality natural stone products to your doorstep direct from the source. We also offer porcelain products that are perfect for transforming homes and gardens, no matter what the application.

If you have never heard of porcelain paving before, allow us to tell you a bit more about it.

Sweeping the UK paving market, porcelain slabs are the ideal solution for creating modern or traditional spaces inside or outside the home, whatever your style preference.

They also replicate natural materials so accurately that you would never be able to tell the difference between porcelain and the real thing. Plus, with many structural advantages they often make for a considerably practical and long-lasting paving solution.

Due to advanced inkjet printing technology, porcelain can mimic natural materials including wood, limestone, sandstone, granite, concrete, and marble. The riven surface of the tiles achieves a completely realistic look and feel; almost a direct replication of the real material.

Porcelain paving is renowned for its durability and robust composition. The vitrification process porcelain undergoes during manufacturing results in its extreme strength, going from being heated at incredibly high temperatures to then being cooled straight after.

The hard wearing capabilities of porcelain slabs mean that they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, as well as accidents including cracks, dents, chips and scratches. The tiles will stay looking as good as new for years and years to come.

All porcelain paving slabs we offer at Stone & Surfaces Direct are manufactured with an R11 anti-slip finish. The textured surface makes it safe, even in wet or frosty conditions, and helps combat slips, trips and falls.

To add to the list of benefits porcelain paving boasts it is also resistant to frost, algae, moss, acid and alkali. Plus, it is colour fast which means that even when exposed to direct sunlight the original colour will maintain its beauty and vividness.

Interested in the sound of porcelain paving to redesign your home or garden? Check out our options for porcelain slabs here.

With over 25 years of experience distributing natural stone paving, porcelain paving, aggregates, rockeries and interior solutions worldwide; Stone & Surfaces Direct are the people to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior.

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