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Product Focus – Interior Veneer Cladding

Posted on 14th January 2021

With the more time we are all now spending at home to stay safe, and business adjusts to facilitating home working, many of us can at least enjoy the benefit of less of our day spent on travel, and the savings benefitting our pockets too!

This means more people are able to focus on the home refurbishment projects that can change the look and feel in their home surroundings, and enhance their work or leisure spaces at home.

With Teams and Zoom calls being the new norm of daily life, using a natural stone sheet veneer, concrete effect or metallic finish to change your wall finish, will enable you to quickly provide a stylish upgrade to the backdrop that can be seen on video calls or add a new look to the vertical surfaces in a lounge, kitchen, hall or bathroom.

With natural stone veneer, there is no need to wait for the tradesman to enter the home or use heavy-duty saws and equipment, all is you need is a little time and patience, a Stanley Knife and tape measure.

Slate veneer uses real stone and slate that are peeled from the stone block extracted from the quarry and creates a 3mm veneer surface with a fibreglass resin backing that enables the manufacture of sheets that can be made and applied in 1.2m or 2.4m lengths [ both being 600mm wide]. Each sheet comes with adhesive in the pack that can applied to the back for ease of fixing, and the two sizes allow full walls to be completed quickly and without any grout joints.

Slate veneer sheet is flexible, and its lightweight characteristics mean it is easy to handle and bend around curves and shapes, and because it uses natural stone is non-flammable. This means that a 10m2 wall can be transformed into a stylish and beautiful feature for approx £750 and a day of DIY.

The video in the how-to guide of the Stone & Surfaces Direct website will help you understand how easy it is for you to carry out the installation, and then sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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