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Stone & Surfaces Direct Launch

Posted on 16th September 2020

We are pleased to confirm the launch of our e-commerce site Stone & Surfaces Direct. Our goal is to be able to communicate the benefits of natural stone and provide information to the consumer on the materials origins and manufacturing journey.

In the “new world,” we all now have to operate in, we strive to work with and present companies that have exciting and new technologies relating to the use of stone and surface-related materials.

In our portfolio, we are delighted to showcase Earth Anatomy who manufacture natural stone, concrete and metal finishes as a veneer that is easier and quicker to lay than wallpaper, with 100% authentic material used for the veneer surface.

In addition, we are presenting PTCXtraSan. This is a unique, innovative new product that is unequalled. It is an alcohol-free, non-toxic liquid that is applied to all surfaces including stone and will kill COVID-19 and provide a residual barrier that prevents bacteria reforming on the surface from potential ongoing touchpoints.

As members of the Stone Federation GB, we believe it is important to show that as an industry we can embrace best practise and new technology that is crucial to the perception and use of natural stone for surfaces in exterior and interior applications.

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