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Summer Planting Tips

Posted on 11th April 2022

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, it is our priority to ensure you can create and maintain the most beautiful garden spaces to relax and entertain with our amazing range of natural stone products.

However, we know that when it comes to designing a dream garden there is more to consider, such as growing your garden and helping plants to thrive. Tending to your plants and giving them lots of care and attention is key to the success of their growth.

We share some of our top summer planting tips to help you achieve an eye-catching garden bursting with colour and character.

Don’t let the weeds win

When it comes to your gardening to-do list, weeding should be at the very top. If your plants are being crowded by weeds, they will be unable to grow properly. Weeds can be tough competitors but there are ways to fight them off.

We advise setting some time aside each day to pull out any weeds that may have begun invading your garden. It’s best to attack the larger weeds first and then work your way down to the smaller weeds.

Once you have started a weeding routine, this makes it easier to keep up with newly emerging weeds and ensure that there are very few weeds growing in your garden.

Give your plants a boost

Healthy plants need to drink water and also eat for maximum nourishment. Over the year, their soil can become depleted of nutrients and they may require a top-up.

We recommend giving your plants a mid-season feeding by dressing them with compost and ensuring they are thoroughly watered.

Watering is essential

Especially during mid to late summer, watering your plants is critical. If you are not getting much rainfall, it is essential that you provide your plants with some deep watering.

  • Dig down into the soil about 6 inches to see how dry it is at that level. You’ll find that this is where most of the plant roots are and therefore is where the water needs to be.
  • Using a host is best to ensure your plants are watered efficiently. We recommend you take some time watering around each plant.
  • Water gently to allow the water to soak in and not run off.

Scope out any pests

Discovering unwanted visitors in the early stages will help you stay ahead of the game and prevent pests multiplying and destroying your garden.

Check the undersides of the leaves on your plants because this is where pests are most likely to hide and lay their eggs. The best time to check your plants is in the morning because bugs like to sleep in, so you can catch them while they are still tired.

On discovering unwanted pests, be sure to knock them into a bucket of soapy water to get rid of them.

Harvest often

Regularly harvesting your plants will keep them flowering and producing more fresh fruit and vegetables. Harvest tomatoes as they ripen for the best flavour and pick aubergines and cucumbers while they are still small to avoid dealing with huge seedy fruits.

What else can I do?

Be sure to add deadheading, weeding, deep watering, and renewing mulch in the flower beds to your garden to-do list. Mowing and edging garden beds also keeps your garden looking presentable and orderly.

Plants growing in pots and containers will need special attention because they tend to dry out quickly in hot weather. Frequent watering can wash nutrients out of the soil, so we recommend you use a liquid fertiliser when watering.

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