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The Stone & Surfaces Direct Paving Checklist

Posted on 27th September 2021

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, it is important to us that we provide the very best natural stone and porcelain paving. However, we feel it is essential to help you know how to install your paving to make sure your home improvement vision truly comes to life.

Besides choosing suitable paving and knowing how to install it, there are other things to consider before you even take these steps.

Here is our Stone & Surfaces paving checklist to help you out -

Planning for paving

To start any paving project, you will need to assess the area you wish to transform. It is important to measure the space and work out how you want to use it to determine the suitable paving type.

Always make sure you have the correct tools and personal protective equipment for the job. You will need safety gloves, goggles, knee pads, and dust masks to carry out a safe project.

It is also vital to ensure that no cables or piping are hiding where you plan to dig. Something else to consider is marking out the required excavation depth with pegs to determine any sloping you might need to ensure water runs away from the building.

The area you are making over will need to be dug out. For larger areas, it is much easier to use a mechanical digger. The depth you are looking to achieve is around 150-200mm to allow for paving thickness. Read our expert guide on paving for further details.

Choosing suitable paving

This stage is equally as important as planning because you will need a suitable product for your project. If you are unsure which type of paving is right for you, talk to one of our stone professionals today, and they will be happy to assist.

When ordering, we recommend considering a minimum of 10% wastage for your project. This amount will account for any cutting errors or stone markings that aren’t suitable for your aesthetic. It is also helpful to keep some tiles as spares.

Laying paving

Now it’s time to start putting down your paving. We always recommend using calibrated paving and beginning at the highest point of the patio area and working down.

Start by applying the mortar mix to the subbase with a trowel, 5 parts sharp sand, to 1 part cement mixed with water. This forms a moist but not overly wet mixture. Push the laid stone into the mortar with a rubber mallet and ensure the fall of the surface is maintained by using a line and spirit level.

It is important to note that a full mortar bed is to be used to cover the installation of both concrete and natural stone tiles. Other methods may lead to problems at a later date. Please refer to our expert guide for more information.

Grouting, pointing, and surface sealing

Fill the joints by using a mortar mix. Alternatively, you can use a ready-mixed, off-the-shelf compound to brush in.

Next, seal the surface with a high-quality sealer specifically designed for the type of stone being installed. A good quality sealer will not significantly change the natural look of the paving. For limestone paving, we recommend a solvent-based sealer to ensure the colour does not fade

Sealing will create a barrier against dirt and grime, enhance the performance of the paving, and significantly help maintain it. It will also help protect against damage from alcohol and grease.

Aftercare and maintaining paving

To ensure your paving remains clean and in the best possible condition, aftercare and maintenance are required.

A simple form of cleaning is brushing and hosing. Please note that heavy power washing can damage the surface and cause the stone paving to crack.

Any light scuffing or blemishes that occur are easily cleaned with a proprietary stone soap cleaner after standard cleaning and drying.

For interior applications, an effective specialised cleaner is recommended for the surface. Do not use a heavy bleach or chemical compound because this will damage the surface.

With over 25 years of experience distributing natural stone paving, porcelain paving, and aggregates worldwide; we are the people to help you achieve the perfect patio. Talk to one of our experienced stone professionals about your specific needs today.

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