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Transform Your Garden With Walling

Posted on 3rd March 2023

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we have a stunning range of high quality stone walling products to take the appearance of your garden to the next level.

There really is nothing more British than aged stone walls and we’ve got the natural stone to turn your property from a house to a home!

We invite you to explore our impressive range of walling available here. The uniqueness of our walling means that every garden landscaping project has its own individual look, due to the authentic natural beauty of each piece of stone.

Amongst our collection of walling products, we have our popular Lakeland Green Slate Random Walling as seen on ITV’s Love Your Garden.

Unrivalled in beauty, this stone from the Lake District has a unique combination of green-blue slate pieces with varieties of mid to dark browns that together provide the ultimate walling facade.

The slate can easily be laid by novice gardeners to produce beautiful walls, borders and planters. It also has a low water absorption rate and weathers extremely well due to the durability of the natural stone.

Alternatively, achieve a look inspired by the Northumberland coast with our Cumbrian Buff Brown Sandstone Walling. From the North of Cumbria, this stone displays a weathered mid-brown to light buff appearance and gives a traditional random-look appearance.

Our Red Cumbrian Sandstone Walling is a fantastic option if you wish to add some colour to the aesthetic of your garden. The pieces vary in length, depth and width but are selected to achieve the traditional random appearance, with the range of piece lengths typically 150-450mm in length and a height of 75-220mm.

With over 25 years of experience distributing natural stone paving, porcelain paving, aggregates, rockeries and interior solutions worldwide; Stone & Surfaces Direct are the people to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior.

Talk to one of our experienced stone professionals about your specific needs today.

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