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Walling Products: Our 5 Bestsellers

Posted on 10th May 2024

When it comes to enhancing the exterior of your home or garden, nothing compares to the timeless elegance and rugged beauty of a natural stone wall.

Whether you're crafting a serene garden boundary, a robust retaining wall, or simply accenting features throughout your landscape, our natural stone wall materials offer unmatched aesthetic appeal and durability. Let’s explore how different types of stone can transform any outdoor space into a striking natural retreat.

The Unique Charm of Lakeland Green Slate

Sourced from the southern Lake District, Lakeland Green Slate is an exemplary choice for creating stunning, weather-resistant walls that blend seamlessly with natural surroundings. This slate features a mix of green-blue and mid to dark brown hues, providing a dynamic yet harmonious look. The pieces are hand-picked to ensure a flat face and manageable sizes, making it possible even for novice gardeners to achieve professional-looking results.

This natural stone walling option boasts low water absorption and excellent durability, standing up to frost and ensuring longevity. Each piece is unique, lending every completed project its own distinctive character—a direct reflection of nature’s artistry.

British Buff Sandstone: A Touch of Tradition

Moving north to Northumberland, the British Buff Natural Random Sandstone offers a lighter palette with its weathered yellow to light buff tones, accented by occasional grey pieces. This sandstone is lightly tumbled to soften its appearance, enhancing its traditional aesthetic that is perfect for both modern and period-style properties.

Like the Lakeland slate, this sandstone is processed to achieve consistent depths and a random layout, ensuring easy installation and a natural, rustic finish. Its durability and classic look make it a favourite among those looking to add warmth and structure to their outdoor spaces.

Exquisite Heritage Portland Stone

For those with a penchant for historical elegance, the Heritage Portland Stone offers an exclusive touch of class. Mined from the same quarries that have supplied stone for iconic structures like St. Paul’s Cathedral, this limestone features a white to cream colour spectrum with a unique textured finish that includes fossilised shells.

This natural stone walling is not only a nod to British architectural heritage but also a practical choice for luxurious cladding and varied landscaping projects. Its low carbon footprint and competitive pricing make it accessible for a broader range of applications, ensuring that even the most exclusive designs are environmentally considerate.

Versatile Kilkenny Limestone

From the verdant fields of Southern Ireland comes Kilkenny Limestone, a hard-wearing dark black stone that has adorned both interiors and exteriors for centuries. This limestone is known for its depth and range in sizes, making it a robust option for more demanding structural features.

Each piece of Kilkenny Limestone is unique, allowing designers and homeowners to create distinctive, personalised patterns that stand out in any setting. Its dark tones provide a stark contrast to lighter landscaping elements, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a bold statement.

The Richness of Red Cumbrian Sandstone

Lastly, Red Cumbrian Sandstone brings a vibrant energy to traditional natural stone walling. This sandstone, with its deep red hues and split-face texture, is perfect for adding color and life to garden walls, borders, and other structural features. Each stone is hand-picked to ensure the highest quality and a beautiful random appearance.


Choosing the right natural stone wall material can dramatically transform the look and feel of your outdoor spaces. From the rustic charm of British Buff Sandstone to the distinguished elegance of Heritage Portland Stone, these materials offer durability, beauty, and a unique character that can elevate any property’s exterior.

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