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What Is Kerbside Delivery?

Posted on 30th November 2023

When it comes to enhancing your home with nature’s finest—be it elegant stone tiles or intricate porcelain surfaces—understanding your delivery options is crucial. One term you might encounter is 'kerbside delivery,' but what exactly does this entail? Let’s unravel the mystery behind this term while staying true to Stone & Surfaces Direct’s pillars of Authenticity, Integrity, and Knowledge.

The Essence of Kerbside Delivery

Kerbside delivery quite literally means that your order will be delivered to the kerb outside your property. But don't let the simplicity of this definition mislead you; this practice embodies our commitment to deliver your chosen pieces right from their source—be it a historic quarry in the Lake District or an innovative manufacturer in Swindon—directly to you, bypassing unnecessary middlemen.

What Does Kerbside Delivery Mean For You?

At first glance, kerbside delivery might seem like a basic delivery option. However, understanding what it involves helps you prepare effectively for the arrival of your purchase. Items are usually palletised and securely packaged to ensure they arrive in pristine, untouched beauty. You’ll need to arrange for their transition from the kerb into your home, which allows you the opportunity to handle your new pieces with the care and respect they deserve, right from the moment they arrive at your doorstep.

A Tale of Two Journeys

The concept of kerbside delivery takes on an authentic narrative charm when you consider the incredible journey your chosen surfaces have undertaken. From being meticulously crafted and sculpted in a far-off quarry to travelling through multiple quality checks, each piece arrives at your kerb with a story to tell—a testament to millennia of mastery and natural artistry.

How to Prepare for Kerbside Delivery

  • Allocate Space: Ensure that there's adequate room at the kerbside for the delivery vehicle and the pallets.
  • Manpower: You might need an extra pair of hands to move the products from the kerb to their final destination.
  • Safety Measures: Don gloves and use appropriate lifting techniques to handle your beautiful yet heavy tiles or slabs.
  • Inspection: Make it a point to inspect the delivered items for any discrepancies or damages before the delivery team departs, keeping in line with our brand's pillar of Integrity.

Why Stone & Surfaces Direct Opt for Kerbside Delivery

We could tout the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of kerbside delivery, but what truly makes it align with our brand is its straightforwardness and transparency. It fulfills our mission of delivering direct from the source while giving you the opportunity to start your relationship with your new surfaces at the earliest point possible.

Now that we've addressed the question of 'what is kerbside delivery,' you're better equipped to make informed decisions when purchasing from Stone & Surfaces Direct. Remember, each stone, each tile, has made a remarkable journey. Kerbside delivery is but the final leg of this fascinating voyage—from the earth's heart to your home.

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