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Why Your Business Should Be Buying Direct From The Source

Posted on 15th November 2023

At Stone & Surfaces Direct, we have a wide range of high quality natural stone products available to buy for your business, sourced from locations in the UK and India.

We created Stone & Surfaces Direct to provide a means for our partners; the product manufacturers and often the quarry source, so they can offer their products direct to you and your business. Our expertise in natural stone comes from our knowledge of extraction and the processes involved in the production and installation of the products we sell.

We take the time to educate our customers on where exactly our stone comes from and how we work directly with our product manufacturers to deliver products directly to you. It is important for us that you have confidence in the knowledge that you are aware of the origins of the material you are buying and where the products are manufactured.

These days many people want to buy local to reduce the environmental impact from importing natural stone, so now is the time to be checking out our beautiful collection of natural stone extracted here in the UK.

Naturally formed over millions of years ago, the UK is home to high quality, technically superior slate, limestone, sandstone and granite. With products from Stone & Surfaces Direct, it’s easy to create a stunning garden or home project for your clients using British material.

Just because we cut out the middlemen and deliver directly from the source doesn’t mean product quality is compromised in order to reduce prices. Therefore, for this reason the sales price of our products is competitive because they aren’t distributed via a third party wholesaler.

Due to the fact that the products we offer are distributed from the source, there is a significant reduction in the number of movements often associated with the normal supply chain, which reduces the number of vehicles on our roads resulting in a low carbon footprint.

Like with the low carbon footprint, all of the natural stone we sell is quarried and processed in the UK. Therefore we can guarantee that everything you buy from us has been ethically sourced and you will always know where you are buying from.

Our customers can be sure that in the unlikely event there is an issue with the products we offer, there is traceability through to the source to understand the scope and nature of any issue and ensure the product is replaced or fixed with minimum disruption.

We hope that the information we provide will help you in choosing the products that will work best for you and your business and will be a worthwhile investment for your home, whether you are creating a new garden space or refurbishing a room for a client project.

With over 25 years of experience distributing natural stone paving, porcelain paving, aggregates, rockeries and interior solutions worldwide; Stone & Surfaces Direct are the people to help you achieve the perfect patio, garden, or home interior for your clients.

Talk to one of our experienced stone professionals about your specific business needs today.

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