South Lakeland Blue Slate chippings 20 MM

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These practical and beautiful blue slate chippings are from the Kirkby in Furness quarry in the southern Lake District fells. The stone has a mid to dark blue appearance when wet and a pale blue/grey appearance when dry with some occasional natural brown flecks of colour.

The shape is angular and relatively flat which means it is perfect for garden slate chippings. The geological composition of 20mm blue slate aggregate means it is stronger and more likely to resist breaking under heavy use than many other decorative slate aggregates. This means it is ideal for use domestic driveway aggregate, parking spaces or pathways and will require only minimal maintenance and occasional top up.

PLEASE NOTE OUR BULK BAGS ARE 850kg [ many other suppliers offer 700-800kg under the term bulk bag].

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Glyn Larmouth
4 Stars

Great company, had no bother with ordering or delivery. Came in a bulk bag well made and on a strong pallet ,had to clean the stones before laying which was quite messy but that was my choice.Would use them again no problem 

Doug Belton
5 Stars

The service was superb from both the supplier Stone Surfaces  and the haulier Bartrum. Lines of communication were very good also. From ordering to receipt of my order was 4 days including a weekend.  The driver dropped the bulk bag right next to where I was laying the slate. The slate was exactly as described on the website regarding the size, colour and quality of the product. Including delivery the purchase was just over 30% cheaper than the lowest priced Builders merchant in my area. Excellent value.

Jessica Livermore
5 Stars

Quick delivery, great quality and a reasonable cost. Would highly recommend.

Phil Wheldon
5 Stars


Gary Reeves-Smith
5 Stars

Excellent service very competitive price great chippings

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About this product

Origin: Lake District UK
Material: Slate
Finish: Crushed
Colour: Blue
Applications: Borders

The attached information includes a quality certificate which will show the consistency of the aggregates size grading. Many aggregate suppliers do not provide this or carryout these controls which means the aggregate can have significant proportions of very small pieces to dust. In addition the material performance report provides the geological composition of the aggregate, and its physical and chemical properties. 

Burlington Aggregates

Based at Barrow In Furness, Cumbria, Burlington Aggregates are experts in the extraction and processing of natural slate, limestone and sand aggregates from five Lake District quarries.

Burlington Aggregates

Kirkby Quarry

The South Lakes blue grey slate is a secondary aggregate processed from the extracted rock that cannot be used to make Kirkby blue roof slate that is found on the traditional slate roofs seen across the north of England and Scotland.

Kirkby Quarry


The quarry is situated on Kirkby Moor, overlooking the Dudon Estuary, near Kirkby in Furness, and it has operated as a quarry for roofing slate for over 400 years. The Kirkby blue/ grey roofing slate was often known in the 19th Century as the “Lancashire Slate”, as it was within the old county boundaries of Lancashire and was prominent in the forming of the railway network during the industrial revolution. With the demise of the indigenous quarries of Scotland, Kirkby slate became the go-to material for the traditional random slate roofs of cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as the northern “powerhouses” of Manchester and Leeds.  The Kirkby slate is sedimentary in nature and was formed during the Silurian period some 300-350 million years ago. It is a dense and durable material that is ideal for use as a decorative aggregate in drives, pathways and gardens.

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