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Guide For Planting Beds

Planting beds 

Slate aggregate is an excellent low maintenace cover for planting beds.. The planting beds will be prepared normally for horticultural use.

Following the ground preperation a suitable breathable membrane should be cut to fit over the proposed area to be planted. Once this is completed the plants can be positioned, considering the necessary spacing for future growth. Cut an “x” into the membrane to allow it to be folded back below the plant, and thereby allowing it to be placed into the soil as normal and backfilled with soil and compost before then dressing the fold back around the base of the inserted plant.

Once this is done for all the plants the slate chippings can be spread over the whole area using a rake and with your hand or a trowel spread carefully around the base of the plants to avoid damage. Dependent upon the area a 10mm or 20mm slate chipping is ideal, laid to a thickness of 25- 30mm.

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