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Guide For Paving Care and Maintenance

Do my external paving tiles need to be sealed?

All the stone sold for use in paving is suitable for external applications, and some clients do prefer their material to weather naturally. However, a high-quality sealing will provide an extra layer of protection against potential staining from alcohol, oil, and grease, and the effects of moss, lichens and dirt, particularly in north facing applications. 

In addition, the porosity of most sandstones means that lighter coloured materials will more significantly benefit from regular care and maintenance, which is helped with the benefit of good quality sealers or impregnator applications.

A good quality sealer will last longer against the effects of UV light from the sun and can typically provide protection for between 7 and 10 years. The Ceetect products shown in the videos are examples. The solvent based products will last longer, but will also have a greater impact on the colour of the natural stone product. The water based products are obviously more environmentally friendly, as well as being easier to apply. 

The Ceetect Aqua and Professional sealers will make it easier to clean alcohol and grease following a BBQ, and provide protection against acidic products such as coca cola/ citrus drinks, which can other wise make long lasting stains to many natural stone surfaces. 

Before applying your sealer it is recommended that a small area or spare tiles are coated first so that you can observe the change to the tiles colour after applying and also test the benefit of the protective coating.

How can do I clean paving ?

Regular gentle cleaning and sweeping will ensure that your paving slabs are easy to maintain. We do not recommend that aggressive high-pressure power washes are used on paving as this can damage the surface of your material and increase the intensity of normal dirt or algae staining to the surface area of your stone product. We also offer a range of intensive cleaning products to help with your care and maintenance program. 

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