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Paths in the garden don’t just need to be a function of accessing from one area to another, they can be built with style by adding curves and shape. In addition, the choice of surface material will add to the ambience and character that you are trying to create in the garden.

Hard landscaping stone setts can act as an edge restraint to planting beds and create the transition between different parts of the garden, but decorative gravel will provide a softer medium that is a lower-cost alternative to paving and simple to install. 20mm decorative slate aggregate is often chosen as it will provide a durable and effective contrast with paving slabs and wallings in stone or brick, and complement the soft landscaping being used to add the colour and decoration in the garden.

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The shape and methods used to process decorative slate aggregate means it compacts well for use as surface for cycling and wheelchair access, and acts as a good medium for effective water drainage. Unlike concrete based paving products, algae will not easily form on the surface of decorative slate aggregate which means it is an ideal product for use in north-facing gardens where there is a need for good slip resistance for the elderly.

A feature that looks great, has lots of practical benefits and is low cost; means slate as a pathway is a beautiful great value   feature with great appeal for all in the family.

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