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Natural Stone Flooring

Choosing the right inside floor for your home can seem daunting and complicated with so many choices available. Often a combination of them all can prove to be the best bet, but where and how to combine carpet, wood and the many types of tiles is how the best interior designs are formed.

Natural stone floors have been used in homes all over the world for hundreds of years because they offer the aesthetic benefits of beauty and authenticity, their own unique character, as well as being sturdy, relatively easy to clean and extremely long-lasting.

Natural stone tiles can help to create a sense of space in homes when used seamlessly throughout an interior area, such as combining kitchen and dining areas. In addition, with the increased popularity of glazing and bi-folding doors, the trend for continuing the same flooring outside means that natural stone provides the versatility that allows it to be used in virtually any room in the home.

The key is to ensure that homeowners don’t just make the choice of material based on colour, but also on the desired finish, type of stone, and most important of all the technical performance of the material to ensure it is fit for purpose, which should come as standard with products that have a chain of custody and CE certification.

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Choosing a flooring type that won’t mark or crack, is stain resistant, and can be used in wet areas are also the benefits that can be enjoyed when choosing the right natural stone for the correct application, but often also in conjunction with good sealing or impregnator products. These will provide the necessary barrier with alcohol and grease spills and help make regular maintenance easier and thus protect the long term benefits of an investment in natural stone for use in interior flooring and paving.

Natural stone is a natural conductor of heat, which means it is an outstanding accompaniment to underfloor heating, allowing the warmth to transfer quickly to the room and providing that extra warm cosy feeling to your feet on those cold winter mornings.

The hard, nonporous surface of stone will provide a more hygienic floor surface that does not store dust like carpet, pet hairs, or skin, making cleaning more effective, which is extremely beneficial for any family members that suffer from allergies.

The owners of a 16th century cottage in rural Suffolk considered all of the above benefits as being fundamental to their decision to choose natural stone for the downstairs floor that would complete their 2-year cottage renovation, and thereby ensure a worthy investment that would have the necessary quality and value that would stand the test of time.

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Natural Stone Veneer gives the benefit of modern technology and natural materials.

Veneer sheet wether using natural stone or more modern surface finishes such as metals and concrete are quick to install and provide amazing results as an alternative to natural stone tiles. 


I’m delighted with my lovely new floor; the stone is of great quality, very competitively priced and the colour is just what I hoped it would be. The order process was so simple and the goods were delivered when promised. Thank you Nick and Stone & Surfaces, it was a great experience and I’m really pleased to have found your website.

Ann Cavalli

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