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Gardens are a primary part of Staycations

As the world comes to terms with the impact of Covid -19, and the consequential effect of social distancing, the external space to the home has become an even more important part of helping to create better wellbeing for everyone in the family.

Making effective use of the external space around the home has significant positive effects on the whole family’s mental health by helping everyone to relax in an environment that all are able to enjoy together and de-stress from the home office and schooling environment.

Creating gardens that combine hard and soft landscaping, complemented with lighting will enable the development of areas that are more useable for each member of the family, and allow them to extend the positivity that time in the external environment has for longer periods.

Spending more time outdoors increases exposure to sunshine and vitamin D, and increased oxygen intake, through fresh air, increases serotonin, often referred to as the “happy chemical”. A well-planned garden will, therefore, help create more quality time with loved ones, whether that be through dining, play, areas to read and relax or use the planting and vegetation as ways to explore new experiences.

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The choice of paving is important to ensure it complements the facade to the house and enables low maintenance surfaces to be created that will enable the all-year-round experience. It is important to check that good quality materials are chosen where the origin and manufacturing provenance is known. Sandstones and limestones from India such as the tumbled yellow limestone shown are popular in the UK, but more time should be taken to consider the texture and toning of the materials. Often the stone paving products are cheaper because they are made using softer, low-quality rock from the quarries, and have little control on the blend of the material used to create certain colours. 

The garden shown uses antique yellow limestone that has a softer feel underfoot due to the additional mechanical brushing and sanding to the surface so that a low riven texture is achieved. This process removes any higher points in the riven finish, creates a more authentic worn look and ensures a smoother flatter surface for garden furniture.

The experience can be enhanced further by a hot tub that can add another dimension to the relaxation and the social interaction of families.

Tap into tranquillity and invest in good quality hard landscaping that will prove to be an investment that adds value to the home and helps create an environment of new possibilities and lasting positive family experiences.

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