Product Range

Our expertise in natural stone emanates from the extraction and manufacture of sandstone, limestone and slate from quarries in the UK and India, enabling us to select only the best raw materials and finished products from ethical and sustainable sources. This means that only the best quality interior and exterior paving and aggregate products are offered on our site. We make sure that our aggregate products are manufactured to exacting standards and comply with the harmonised European standards [CE mark]. 

Why are we different?

We show our customers where the products come from and where it is manufactured, unlike most commercial dealers and websites in the UK. This means there will always be a chain of custody for the products purchased from Stone & Surfaces Direct, as all our products are from a collective of quarries and factories with the desire to ensure the consumer has a complete insight into the materials origin and its quality and ethical compliance.

Without the benefit of this information many natural stone products are bought based only on price and aesthetics, and with little understanding of where the raw material for the product you put into your home comes from, or where it is made.

The UK Natural Stone Federation publishes a guidance document for the use of natural stone in the home, and stipulate “consumers should understand the products Petrological description, traditional name, quarry location and country of origin”.

Natural stone is a unique tried and tested material that has been used for 100s of years in many of the world’s most iconic buildings. Choosing the correct natural material for your home, with the desired finish, colour and technical characteristics for its chosen application is important, and we aim to help you in this journey.

Therefore, confidence can be taken from knowing that the products we offer are from a small selection of complementary partners that both quarry and manufacture the products that we offer, with the key ethical and quality standards verified by independent third parties such as the UK Stone Federation.

This means our customers can buy sandstone, limestone and slate products with the confidence of knowing the origin and credentials of the products they are choosing for their home.

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