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Grey Stone Chippings For Your Garden

Posted on 10th March 2023

Should you be thinking about renovating your garden, our grey stone chippings are perfect for all outdoor applications. What’s more, they are a low maintenance, durable, versatile and cost effective solution for any outside space.

Amongst our amazing selection of grey stone chippings, we have our 20mm South Lakeland Dove Grey Chippings. They are ideal for garden paths, driveaways, parking spaces, rockeries, planting borders and general ground cover.

These highly versatile light grey stone chippings showcase a light cream tint in colour that darkens slightly when wet. However, we do advise against the use of these decorative aggregates in ponds because they are not fish friendly and should be washed before use.

Limestone chippings also offer low maintenance to save you time and energy in the garden, if you would prefer to put your time into other things around the home. They are also ideal for weed prevention when combined with our weed membrane.

To ensure grey stone chippings stand the test of time, simply remove any accumulated debris and sweep any loose stones back in position. If the surface of the stones becomes dirty, brush with a scrubbing brush using a mix of water and mild detergent.

We also have our 10mm South Lakeland Dove Grey Chippings, which are suited to all of the same applications but create a softer appearance due to smaller stone size.

Our South Lakeland limestone also has a reduced carbon footprint compared to most other grey stone chipping on the market because we deliver direct from the quarry and cut out the middlemen.

If you would like to get a look and feel for our products, order free samples today. In your free sample box, we supply 800g of aggregates to provide a good representation of the typical shape and colour tones in the chippings that we supply.

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