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Plant Borders & Pots

The use of slate chippings as mulch for beds and borders is a great alternative to bark mulch for weed suppression, as it adds style and colour. For many people, busy lifestyles or just reduced mobility means that a low maintenance garden is a key requirement for a stylish garden space, enabling more time to relax and enjoy the moments that clever combinations of hard and soft landscaping will bring to a garden throughout the year.

The use of 10mm or 20mm slate or limestone chippings are an excellent choice to provide a neat and effective cover around planting beds, with 10mm particularly beneficial around smaller plants and pots as it sits neatly around the base of the plant. The darker colours of natural slate also help to set off the texture and colour of planting foliage and flowering, that can often change during different times of the year, whilst not altering the PH value of the soil. For south-facing gardens, 10mm or 20mm decorative slate mulch is also an ideal material for retaining moisture and cooling the soil on those very warm days during the summer.

Whether the garden style is traditional or contemporary, slate mulch with the variety of colours that are possible is the perfect material to complement the plants and paving being used and help provide a visual delight throughout the year.

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